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Slownik Geograficzny Translation


1) a town on the Notec river, in Szubin (formerly Kcynia) powiat, on marshy ground, and due to the damp weather fevers are often rampant here.  In the vicinity there are lime deposits covering several dozen mórgs; 142,000 quintals are extracted annually, which are burned in three cylindrical lime-kilns. There are 70 houses, 936 inhabitants: 377 Protestants, 422 Catholics, 137 Jews; the inhabitants are either farmers or day-laborers.  There is a doctor and a pharmacy in the town.   It belongs to Labiszyn obwód and to the okrag court in Labiszyn; it has a Catholic parish church belonging to Znin deanery, a prayer house for Protestants, a synagogue, as well as a non-denominational elementary school.  There are 159 illiterates.  It has four two-day markets a year, with stalls for cattle and horses.   The distance from the powiat seat of Szubin is 15 km., and it is 18 km. from the railroad station in Chmielnik (German name Hopfengarten). It has a 3rd-class post office, a personal post runs to the railroad station, and there is a mail post to Labiszyn. Formerly the residents also were employed in the cloth industry.   Barcin is mentioned as a town in the 16th century.  In 1794 a skirmish took place nearby between the Prussian and Polish armies.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p. 107]


Copyright © 1996 William F. Hoffman. Used by permission. This article originally appeared in Bulletin of the Polish Genealogical Society of America (Vol. V, No. 1, Winter 1996/1997).

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