Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny

Chomiąża kościelna

Chomiąża kościelna, 1) a village in the powiat of Szubin , that was the property of the Catholic Church of Znin; 1466 morgs of fields and gardens on the shores of the lake; 16 farmsteads / homes, 203 inhabitants, 22 protestant, 181 catholic, 58 illiterate. The Catholic Church located in the deanery of Znin was erected in 1357; it is  currently standing in 1831. There is a Post Office in Barcin 10 km away and a Railroad station in Mogilno a distance of 21 km.


2) Ch. szlachecka, gmina / Dominion  (Large Manorial Farm) in the powiat of Szubin about 8 km to the south of Chomiaza koscielna (currently) Chomiaza Ksieza along and above the lake; 5592 morgs of tillable fields an gardens; there are 4 localities: 1) Chomiaza Szlachecka (Domain); 2) Folwark, Grzmiaca; 3) Gasawaka; 4) Tuczynek; 19 farmsteads / homes, 309 inhabitants, 21 protestant, 288 Catholic, 188 illiterate. There is a Post Office at Gasawa a distance of 11 km and a Railroad Station at Mogilno a distance of 13 km. This is the property of the Lewandowski Family.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p.628]


This translation, by Jim Piechorowski, is used by permission.