Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny

Olwita [now Alvitas, Lithuania]

OLWITA [ALVITAS], village and manorial farmstead on the lake of the same name, Wylkowyszki [Vilkaviskis] county, Olwita parish and gmina [rural district, township]. It lies on the road from Wylkowyszki to Wierzbolowo [Virbalis], 8 versts from Wylkowyszki [1 verst = about 1.07 km or .66 miles]. It has a parish church built of stone, an elementary school, 33 houses, 452 inhabitants. In 1827 there were 30 houses and 283 inhabitants.

Olwita belonged at one time to the royal estates. The parish church was erected there in 1617 by King Zygmunt III; the present church, of stone, dates from 1824. It possesses an image of the Blessed Mother famed for its miracles and drawing people from distant areas during church fairs. By the church there are two chapels, one with the graves of its endowers, the Chrapowickis, who established it in 1683.

Olwita parish, in Wylkowszki deanery, has 8,091 souls. The Olwita estate consisted in 1868 of these manorial farmsteads: Olwita, Adamow, Czyczki; and of the following villages: Olwita, Kirsze, Czyczkie Olwickie, and Adamowszczyzna. The manorial grounds total 1,321 morgs [1 morg = about .56 hectares], 959 of farmland and gardens, 224 of meadows, 1 of undergrowth, 145 unused. The village of Olwita has 34 settlements [individual properties], with 222 morgs of land; the village of Kirsze has 13 settlements, with 287 morgs; the village of Czyczki Olwickie has 29 settlements, with 801 morgs; the village of Adamowszczyzna has 2 settlements, with 2 morgs.

The gmina [rural district, township] of Olwita has 5,244 inhabitants, 20,355 morgs of land, with a District II Court in Wierzbolowo 6.5 versts away, [served by the] post office in Wylkowyszki. The following localities are in the gmina: Adamowszczyzna, Boblowka, Bocianow village and manorial farmstead, Budziszki, Czyczki [Cickai] village and manorial farmstead, Czyczki-Niemczewskiej, Czyczki-Olwickie, Czyczki-Wienpupskie, Czyzuny, Emilin, Guzele village and manorial farmstead, Jonajcie, Jozefowo, Kaukokalnie [Kaukakalnis] village and manorial farmstead, Kirsze [Kirsiai], Kisieniszki, Kisieniszki prywatne [privately-owned], Kisieniszki rzadowe [government-owned], Klampucie [Klampuciai] village and manorial farmstead, Kregdzie village and manorial farmstead, Kumiecie, Lankieliszki village and manorial farmstead, Miswiecie [Misvieciai], Obelupie [Obelupiai], Obryw, Obszrutcie, Olwita, Ossyja, Owsianiszki, Patwiecie, Pienkiny, Podlasiszki, Pojeziory, Potomkiszki, Turwiniszki, Semeneliszki, Skordupiany, Tadzin village and manorial farmstead, Unia, Waleryanow, Wanasznie, Wenclawice, Wielkiejeziory, Wiersnupie village and manorial farmstead, and Wiszczokajnie. [Bronislaw Chlebowski].

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1886, vol. 7, pp. 519-520]


This translation, by William F. Hoffman, is used by permission.