Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny


a gmina and village in Oszmiana province containing 425 homes and 3,473 peasants. The gmina administration is located in Bakszty village. The gmina is comprised of 3 rural districts: 1) Bakszty; 2) Grabowo; and 3) Devergi with 52 settlements.


Additional Slownik information on Bakszty from Volume XV: 


Bakszty (amendments to S.G. Volume 1, p. 85)- a peasant village and treasury estate on the Berezina river in Oszmiana province, 4th police administrative district and also Bakszty gmina. It lies 44 miles from Oszmiana and contains 83 homes with 913 inhabitants (in the 1865 tax census, 348 inhabitants were identified). Its Orthodox church parish in the Wolozyn deaconate comprises 4,474 parishioners. Formerly, the estate was the possession of the Metropolitan of Wilno. In 1794, Joachim Chreptowicz took it on lease. At the time, the estate consisted of the following villages: Bakszty, Ogrodniki, Zabrzezie, Pacewicze, Ostrowce, Downary, Zubowicze, Gudziszki, Dewergi, Grabowa and other farmsteads, containing 1,979 inhabitants. The gmina is composed of three rural districts containing 52 localities, 438 homes, 4,849 peasant inhabitants with land grants of 17,000 acres (6,290 acres of agricultural land). Within the gmina are also 202 acres of common lands and 194 acres belonging to the church. The entire gmina contains 17,400 acres (of which 6,440 are agricultural), with 4,862 inhabitants.

Editor's Note: All Slownik longitudes in this article have been converted to modern coordinates which is based on the Greenwich zero meridian. All Polish measurement units (land areas, distances, height above sea level, etc.) were converted to American-English equivalents.  Monetary units, where identified, were left in zlotys/zl. or rubles/rs.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p. 85; 1902, vol. 15, p.71]


This translation, by Mike Gansecki, is used by Permission.

Balince, village, Kolomyja county, owner Jakob de Hasso Agopsowicz [Vol. I, p. 88].

Bazar, village, Czortkow county, owner Jozef Agopsowicz [Vol. I, p. 121]

Buczaczki, village, Kolomyja county, owner Kajetan Agopsowicz [Vol. I, p. 437]

Czernelica, village, Horodenka county, owner Antoni Agopsowicz [Vol. II, p. xvi].

All these places are now in the country of Ukraine

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw 


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