Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny

Stare Biskupice

In the year 1136 Stare Biskupice, Stari Biscupici, Staribiscubici, were old names of the village of Biskupin (from various documents referencing the site) Biskupin is a village in the powiat of Szubin/Schubin (Znin) about 3 km to the south west of Gasawa/Gonsawa and 7 km to the south west of Znin, on the south west shore of Lake Biskupie. A Catholic Parish is at Wenecja, with an elementary school, a Post office at Gasawa and a railroad station at Janowice about 17 km distant.  There are 32 homes/farmsteads, 325 inhabitants of which 275 are Catholic and 50 Protestant. It comprises 650 Hectares (518 of tillable land and 48 of meadow); the area of tillable fields is about 16.6 meters and the meadow 9.5 meters above sea level.

Biskupin is the property of the Bishops of Gneizno, confirmed in a Bulla of Innocent IV in the year 1166, and confirmed by King Casimir in 1357.  In 1578 the settlement comprised about 7 ½ slad or 1500 hectares; in the year 1618 there were 4 cultivated łan, 9 empty (not tilled) and 1½ belonging to the village chief (mayor).


After the partition the Prussian authority assumed administrative control of Biskupin in place of the church.  E. Cal.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1890, vol. 11, p.233].


This translation, by Jim Piechorowski, is used by permission.