Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny


Błażowa (along with Blazowa Dolna and Górna [Upper and Lower Błażowa], Stanik, Dziur6wka, and Zotysko), a small town in Rzeszów powiat, with 4,992 mórgs of land (3,342 of arable land), 675 houses, and 4,037 inhabitants. The parish was founded in 1432 by Piotr Kunalh, Sandomierz miecznik, and his wife Malgorzata, owners of Błażowa and Dynów; the founding was confirmed in 1738 by Prince Jan Aleksander Lubomirski. The parish church, made partly of wood and partly of stone, was built in 1822. In addition there are two chapels, a two-class people's school, a post of the Royal and Imperial military police, and a post office. There is a large brewery, a distillery, and a water mill. It lies among fertile hillocks on the powiat road that connects Rzeszów with the government's Przemysl-Dukla highway. The populace is employed primarily in agriculture, but also in industry, i. e., weaving and making cloth. The Blazowa Roman Catholic parish church, in Strzyzów deanery, has 6,295 souls. - M. M. 


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p. 246]


This translation, by William F. Hoffman, first appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of "Bulletin of the Polish Genealogical Society of America".

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