Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny


(in German Seehof) a village in the district of Wyrzysk having 188 inhabitants of which 2 are Lutheran and 186 Catholic. 48 are illiterate. It has a parish church of the deaconate of Bydgoszcz. 2) Blugowo a manor in the district of Wyrzysk consisting of 2341 morg of open area. It has 5 houses, 69 inhabitants of which 31 are Lutheran and 38 are Catholic. 31 are illiterate. The postal station is in Lobzenica about half a kilometer away. The railway station is in Osiek about 20 kilometer away. (NOTE: 1 morg = 1.2 acres) 


Blugowo (in German Blugowo) a noble village in the district of Zlotow. The postal station is in Lipka, The parish church in Buczek. It has 2892 morg of open area, consisting of 1572 in cultivated fields, 56 in meadow, 225 in pasture, 1030 in forests, and 9 of water surface. It has a brickworks, 5 homes, 128 inhabitants only 8 of which are Catholic.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p.254]


This translation, by Jerry S. Kucharski, FIC, FICF, is used by permission of the author.