Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny


1) Bodzewo - village, district of Krobski - 38 houses, 249 inhabitants, 62 Evangelical Lutherans, 187 Roman Catholics; 44 illiterate.

2) an area of land in the district of Krobski consisting of 3622 morgs (about 2300 acres) of open land with three towns: a) Bodzewo, b) the manor farm of Aleksander (Alexandersfeld), and c) Lodz (Friderikenhof) having 18 houses, 254 inhabitants, 57 Evangelical Lutherans, 197 Roman Catholics; 133 illiterate. From Bodzewo, the postoffice is 6km away in Gostyn, with railway stations 31km away in Bojanowo and 28km away in Kozmin.  [M. St.]

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p.276]


This translation, by Jerry Gieraltowski, is used by permission.