Słownik Geograficzny

Słownik Geograficzny


Brzostek, a small town in Pilzno powiat [county], in Galicia, located at 39 degrees 2 minutes latitude, and 49 degrees 11 minutes longitude [by the archaic system of measuring longitude from Ferro; the modern value measured from Greenwich is 31 degrees, 11 minutes], about 8 km. from Kołaczyce. It covers 720 mórgs of land [about 1,024 acres], of which 639 mórgs [about 909 acres] are farmland. It has 150 houses and 1,121 inhabitants, namely 513 males and 608 women, 763 Roman Catholics, and 358 Jews. It is the seat of the Royal and Imperial powiat court, and has a notary’s office, a post office, telegraph station, and a military police sentry, and is the seat of a deanery and a Roman Catholic parish office. Formerly the parish church was in Kleczyce, but by 1655 Starowolski [1] places Brzostek among the independent parishes. The parish church existed already in 1326; the current church of the Finding of the Holy Cross is made of brick and was built in 1816 and consecrated in the year 1826. In addition Holy Mass is celebrated in the the chapel of the cemetery. There is a fund set up for the support of 7 paupers, but it is not known by whom, when, and on what foundation it was established. The principle capital of this fund consists of 6 mórgs [about 8.7 acres] of land and a bond worth 1,260 Rhenish złotys. There is a 4-class elementary school with four teachers; there is also a doctor and a drugstore.


Brzostek lies on a knoll near the Wisłoka [river], by the government highway joining Tarnów and Jasło, about 38 kilometers from Tarnów. With the exception of several brick apartment houses, the houses are wooden and single-storied. The municipal gmina [district] possesses 30,000 Rhenish zł otys; municipal income in 1877 came to 3,250 Rhenish złotys. The population is occupied primarily with agriculture, and only partly with the pottery industry and trade. In Brzostek 12 fairs take place annually, and every second Tuesday there’s a market. On the manor grounds, which is the property of religious foundation, there is a steam sawmill.


Brzostek was ravaged by the Hungarians in the year 1474. In 1883 the famous painter A. Gryglewski was born in Brzostek [2].


The Roman Catholic deanery of Brzostek, in the diocese of Przemyś l, numbers 9 parishes and 24,612 faithful; Brzostek parish has 3,839 faithful. Ph(ilip) S(ulimierski)


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego, Warsaw (1880, Vol. 1, p. 421)




[1] Starowolski is the author of Polonia, nunc denue recognita et aucta, one of the primary reference sources used in the compilation of the Słownik Geograficzny.


[2] Aleksander Gryglewski (1833-1879), a famous Polish painter perhaps best known for his work entitled:Interior of the Church of St. Mary in Cracow (1858). This oil painting used to hang in the National Museum of Warsaw, but it was lost during World War II. He committed suicide during the financial panic of 1879.


This translation, by Mark Kaszniak, edited by William F. Hoffman, is used by permission.