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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


Wierzawice, a village in Łańcut county, on the left bank of the San river, 4km east of Leżajsk, on the stream Błotnia, on the road from Leżajsk to Sieniawa. Together with the area of the Łańcut entailed estate, there are 324 houses and 1,647 inhabitants: 1,497 Roman Catholics, 65 Greek Catholics, 7 Protestants and 78 Jews. [It is served by] the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic parish churches in Leżajsk. The major estate has 360 morgs of farmland, 95 of meadows, 4 morgs and 1,588sazen's of gardens, 54 morgs of pastureland, 26 of pine forest, 4 morgs and 801 sazen's of building lots. The minor estate has 1,831 morgs of farmland, 371 of meadows, 490 of pastureland and 202 of forest. In the village is St. Mary Magdalene Church, consecrated in 1611, and a one-class elementary school. Wierzawice borders on Leżajsk to the northwest and Giedlarowa to the south.


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1893, vol.13, p.390]


This translation, by Jaromir Iwanciow, and edited by William F. Hoffman, is used by permission.

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