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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


Wojkówka, a village in Krosno powiat, on the right bank of the Wislok,* on the highway from Korczyna to Frysztak (10.5 km. away). The village is built on the river basin, but to the east has wooded hills reaching a height of 334 meters. It has 76 houses and 400 Roman Catholic inhabitants. It is served by the parish church in Laczki. The landed property (of Józ. Wiktor) has 186mórgs of farmland, 19 of meadows, 3 of gardens, 9 of pastures, and 142 of forests; the minor estate has 331 mórgs of farmland, 33 of meadows and gardens, 57 of pastures, and 5 of forests. In 1536 Wojkówka belonged to the parish in Szebnie and was owned by Marcin Kamieniecki, voivode of Podolia, as a property of Kamieniec (of Odrzykon castle). Baltazar Dabrowski, the heir to neighboring Moderówka, leased it. It has 13 peasants paying 6 grzywnas and 14 groszy and giving, in addition, 38½ bushels of oats, chickens, eggs, and cheese. They also worked off a labor obligation to the lord in Laczki. Thesoltys had a lan of farmland, the inn, and every sixth denarius from the lord's rent (Pawinski, Malopolska, 523, 525). In 1571 there were only 9 peasants on 6 lans, 4 crofts, 2 tenants with livestock and 2 without. Wojkówka borders to the north on Laczki, to the east on Weglówka, and to the south on Bratkówka. - Mac. 


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1893, vol. 13, pg. 750]


This translation, by William F. Hoffman, first appeared in the Winter 1999 issue of "Bulletin of the Polish Genealogical Society of America".

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