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Herbarz Polski translation

Bradacice herb

The following is a direct translation from the classical genealogical and heraldic reference "Herbarz Polski" by Kasper Niesiecki, S. J., Lipsk edition, 1839-1846. Translated by William F. Hoffman.


There are two axes forming a cross with the handles on the bottom, the heads on top, their backs opposite each other, and their blades directed one toward the right and one toward the left, on a blue field; on the helm are three ostrich feathers. Okolski, tomo 1. fol. 70. Paprocki o herb. Inasmuch as there neither is nor has been any house in Poland which used these arms, I mention them here only because some call them Brodacice, others Bradczyce, and others still Bratczyc.


Copyright © 1989 William F. Hoffman. Used by permission. This article originally appeared in Polish Genealogical Society Newsletter  (Vol. XII, No. 2, Fall 1989), the bulletin of the Polish Genealogical Society.

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