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Borucki - Boruta
Created by Administrator Account in 10/15/2009 1:35:37 PM


... I am busy researching my family surname Borucki. What I would like to know is where does this name come from and is it a Polish surname or is it Austrian... I would like to know the Meaning and Origin of the surname, if anybody could help me....


In terms of linguistic origin, Borucki is a Polish name, and a pretty common one -- as of 1990 there were 3,958 Poles with this name, living all over the country. In form it is an adjective, usually connected to the place name Boruty, of which there are several in Poland; Borucki probably started as meaning "person of or from Boruty." That place name, in turn, probably came from the old pagan first name Boruta, and the villages involved got the name because they were owned or founded by a man named Boruta. The ultimate origin of Boruta is from an ancient Slavic root meaning "battle, fight," and such a name would be given a child in hopes he would grow up to be a great warrior. So the pagan first name gave several villages their name, and that name in turn was modified to become this surname.


Because it is a pretty common name, found all over Poland, it is also seen in the southeastern part of Poland (formerly called Galicia) that was seized by the Austro-Hungarian Empire when Poland was partitioned, beginning in 1772. A person emigrating from that area would be asked where he came from, and officially he would have to answer "Austria." This is usually the reason some Poles are categorized as "Austrians." But the name itself has nothing to do with Austria.


Unfortunately, the name is much too common to trace it to one particular place or family and say "this is the one you want." This is not at all unusual with Polish surnames, many came from place names that were used by more than one village, so the surnames ended up spreading all over. The Borucki name probably arose independently in several different places at different times, and thus not all Boruckis are related. Only specific research on your particular family will give you any details -- the name itself is not much help.


Sorry I couldn't be more help to you, but maybe this information will be of some use. Good luck with your research!


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