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Jąkała - Jonkała
Created by Administrator Account in 12/23/2009 5:28:43 AM


...I was wondering if you had any information on the surname of Jakala?...


Yes, I believe so. The only question is, how was it spelled in Poland? This is probably an anglicized version of Polish Jąkała, where ą stands for the Polish nasal vowel written as an a with a tail under it and pronounced like on, and the ł stands for the l with a slash through it, pronounced like our w, so that the name sounds like "yon-KAH-wah." If so, it is almost certainly from the Polish noun jąkała, which means "stammerer." It's not a very common name -- as of 1990 there were 147 Poles named Jąkała. They were scattered all over the country, but with a noticeable concentration in the provinces of Bielsko-Biala (10), Katowice (12), Krakow (16), and Nowy Sacz (29) -- these are all in southcentral Poland, by the Czech/Slovak border. So you'd expect people with this name to come from that region, more often than not.


If subsequent research proves that this is not the right form of the name, let me know and I'll see if I can find anything else. But I'm fairly certain this is the one you're talking about. By the way, the ą is pronounced much like on, and you often see names with ą spelled with on. So either Jąkała or Jonkała is possible -- keep your eyes open for that alternate spelling!


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