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Created by Administrator Account in 12/23/2009 8:30:58 AM


...My friend Kelly should scan you the document. We are trying to find our relatives Barciniak. What does this name mean? This looks like an Americanized version. What do you think it could have been originally? We can't find any links for this surname.


Barciniak looks like a perfectly good Polish name -- I would have expected it to be rather common. Yet the Surname Directory shows only one Pole by this name I 1990, living in the province of Gdansk. This is very surprising, I would have expected far more. The suffix -iak usually means either "son of" or "person from," so this name may have started as meaning "son of Bart" (a name that can come from Bartholomew or an Old Germanic name Barta), or it might in some cases mean "person from Barcin, Barcino," etc. There are several such villages, especially Barcin and Barcin-Wies in Bydgoszcz province, and Barcino in Slupsk province.


I can't get over how rare this name is. Maybe I was mislead because Marciniak (son of Martin) is such a common name. Just going by that, I really thought Barciniak would also be fairly common. But it's not, and that just proves you can never make assumptions!


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