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...Can you give me any information on the name Kalinowski? I have been told it means "one who lives in a field of flowers" ...


Kalinowski probably originated in most cases as meaning "one somehow associated with a place called Kalinow, Kalinowo, etc." Usually that would just boil down to "person from Kalinow, Kalinowo, etc." Unfortunately there are quite a few villages in Poland with those names, so there's no way to specify which particular one your Kalinowski's might have come from. The place name comes from kalina, which means "guelder rose, cranberry tree," also Kalina is a feminine first name. So those villages probably got their names because they were near a place with lots of those roses or trees, or, in rare cases, possibly a place once owned or founded by a Kalina. So what you were told is not far off; it's not exact, and wouldn't necessarily be true in every case, but is probably not too far off the mark.


This is, by the way, a very common name in Poland, as of 1990 there were 30,012 Polish citizens named Kalinowski.


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