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...I am Polish and Lichucki is my last name. Do you have any information on it? Could the name have been changed or altered? The earliest relatives in America were my grandfather and his brothers. Most of my family pronounces our name as "li-hoot-ski.' Any information will help.


This is not a very common name -- as of 1990 there were only 39 Polish citizens named Lichucki. They lived in the following provinces: Warsaw (13), Gdansk (5), Łomża (1), Slupsk (20). (Unfortunately, I don't have more details, such as first names or addresses, this is the only data I have access to). The pronunciation in Polish would be virtually identical to what you gave, something like "lee-HOOT-skee."


The name almost certainly comes from the root lich-, meaning "bad, miserable, wretched." There is a rather rare word lichuczki (pronounced "lee-HOOTCH-kee) that means "very bad, miserable, wretched," and it is so close to this name that I think it confirms the derivation from that root lich-. There is also a Polish name from that root, Lichuta, and if you add the suffix that turns that into an adjective, you have Lichucki. The name probably was given originally to a very poor, needy family -- there are a great many names in Polish that mean the same thing, and in view of how impoverished many Poles were, it seems a plausible explanation.


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