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Krawiec - Krawitz - Różycki - Ruzicki
Created by Administrator Account in 12/23/2009 8:57:42 AM




...I would like info about my surname: Ruzicki, also Krawitz...


Krawitz is a Germanized spelling of the Polish name Krawiec, which comes from the word meaning "tailor." The name Krawiec is quite common in Poland (much like Taylor or Tailor in English) -- as of 1990 there were 11,270 Poles by that name. The spelling Krawitz is rare in Poland, as of 1990 there was no record of any Pole spelling the name that way. The natural tendency for anyone living in Poland would be to correct the form of the name to Krawiec. However, back when the Germans were running things in western Poland, it would not have been at all unusual to see this spelling; and since most Poles left Europe by way of German ports, German officials sometimes changed the spelling, even without meaning to.


Ruzicki comes ultimately from the Polish form of the word for "rose," spelled as róża (accent over the o, dot over the z, sounding like our word "rouge" with a final -a tacked on). It's a tough name to get a handle on because there are potentially so many different ways this root can be spelled. Ruzicki probably originated in most cases as meaning "person or family associated with a place named Ruzyce or Ruzice or Rózyce" -- there are many, many places with names this could come from. Polish accented ó and Polish u are pronounced the same, so almost any place with a name beginning with Róz- or Ruz- could spawn this name. The form Ruzicki is rather rare (only 42 as of 1990), but Różycki was the name of 10,411 Poles as of 1990. So it's rather important to try to trace the family back as far as possible and see if you can determine the original spelling. If it really was Ruzicki, there aren't many of them left in Poland, they may be hard to track down but odds are decent they're related; but if Ruzicki is just an anglicized form of Różycki, there are thousands of them.


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