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...Have no knowledge of the origin of name Flis or region from my grandparents emigrated. Arrived in states around 1909. Thanks if you can help. Margaret...


Flis probably comes from the Polish word flis or flisak, meaning "raftsman." As of 1990 there were 9,580 Polish citizens named Flis, living all over the country, with particularly large numbers in the provinces of Lublin (1,785), Tarnobrzeg (1,582), and Zamosc (734). Those provinces are all in far southeastern Poland, so that is the area where the name is most common; but there are Flises living everywhere. This makes sense, the name could get started anywhere they spoke Polish and had rivers men could put rafts on -- all over the country, really. So I'm afraid the name itself doesn't give any clues as to what part of Poland any one Flis family came from.


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