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Created by Administrator Account in 12/23/2009 9:08:46 AM


...My family has been trying to find out more about our immigrant ancestor. I would very much like a quick analysis of this surname [Kurasz] as it SEEMS to be relatively rare. We are pretty sure this is not a shortened version of another name. What information can you provide?...

Kurasz is not a rare name in Poland -- as of 1990 there were 1,647 Polish citizens named Kurasz. They lived all over the country, with the largest numbers in the provinces of Katowice (294), Poznan (196), Przemysl (567), and smaller numbers in almost every other province. Polish surname expert Kazimierz Rymut notes that this name appears in legal records as far back as 1485, and says it derives from the roots kur, "cock," or kura, "hen"; I note that there was also a coat of arms Kur, in some cases the name might derive from that. A family could have gotten this name because it raised or sold poultry, or because a prominent member of the family got it as a nickname because something about him reminded people of a hen or cock. More than 500 years later, it's hard to deduce just exactly how such a name got started, or why it would "stick" -- those reasons might vary from one Kurasz family to the next. The most we can say is what it derives from, and then we have to make plausible suggestions as to just how it got started.

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