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Jozovskis - Jazowski
Created by Administrator Account in 12/24/2009 4:02:58 AM


Was wondering if you could tell me the name Jozovskis is Polish, my grandfather was conscripted in to the army in Latvia ww2, unfortunately other than his first name (augusts) this is all i know , thank you again

The form Jozovskis is not Polish; Poles don't use the letter V, and they don't end names with -skis. This is clearly a Latvian form, most likely a Latvian adaptation of a name of Polish or Lithuanian or Belarusian or Russian origin -- but there's no way to tell for sure which of several possible names was adapted to Jozovskis. The most obvious would be JOZOWSKI, except that name is virtually unknown among Poles. Jozovskis could also be a Latvian form of Lithuanian JAZAUSKAS, which in turn probably came from Polish JAZOWSKI. But there are really too many possibilities to say anything for sure.

I'm afraid the only real hope of finding anything is through genealogical research. If you can trace the family back to the exact area in Latvia where they came from, you might find records that would shed light on the name's origin. Without such detailed info, an educated guess is the best I can give. I can't even say for sure whether it's Polish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, or Russian. Any or all of them could have names that would end up modified to Jozovskis by Latvians. If I had to guess, I'd go with Polish JAZOWSKI, which just means "one from Jazy or Jazow or Jazowo" or some similar place name. But that is strictly a guess.

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