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My name is Michael Buczynski. I would like to start doing a search on my family name, but all the databases that I have gone to have nothing with the surname BUCZYNSKI. I am originally from Buffalo, NY and my grandfather's name was Leon. I would like to know if there is another root for my surname and how far it goes back. I do appreciate your help and I understand the small amount of time that you have. If you have any information that would help me to get started I would be grateful

In Polish this name is spelled with an accent over the N. So the name is spelled BUCZYŃSKI, pronounced roughly "boo-CHIN-skee."

In most cases this name comes from the term buczyna, "beech forest," that is, a forest consisting mainly of beech trees. It means basically "one who lives near the beech forest." In many cases it means "one from Buczyn or Buczyna or Buczynka or Buczyno or Buczyny," referring to any of a number of villages with names originally meaning "place of the beeches." I should add that names beginning with Bucz- can also come from the root bucz- as in the verb "buczeć, "to hum, drone, buzz"; but I think this particular name almost certainly comes from the word for "beech forest," and especially one of those villages with names beginning Buczyn.

As of 1990, according to the best data available (the Slownik nazwisk wspolczesnie w Polsce uzywanych, "Directory of Surnames in Current Use in Poland," which covers about 94% of the population of Poland), there were 6,748 Polish citizens by this name. They lived all over the country, with no significant concentration in any one area.

In other words, the surname by itself isn't going to help you much. This Buczynski family might have come from one place, that one from another, and the one over there from yet another. With a name of this sort the only way to make progress is through genealogical research, digging through records to trace from generation to generation till you find naturalization records, census records, parish records, ship passenger lists, etc. that mention exactly where in Poland the family came from. Then you can pursue further research in Poland, and may actually pinpoint exactly where they came from, and even which particular village their name referred to.

There are a number of links that might help you at the PolishRoots site.

Also, with the link to Buffalo you should take advantage of the resources of the Polish Genealogical Society of New York State.

They have searchable databases that may help greatly in your research.

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