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Created by Administrator Account in 12/27/2009 2:21:27 AM


Nowak surname. Any info?

It's pronounced roughly "NO-vock," and it's the most common name in Poland, borne by over 220,000 Polish citizens as of 1990. It comes from the root seen in the adjective nowy, "new." Names in the form X-ak usually mean "the X guy, son of X." In this case Nowak is the Polish equivalent of the English surname Newman -- it just means "new guy." It could have referred to a person who had recently moved into the area, one who had begun a new life by converting to Christianity, one who had set up on a new farm, or something like that. One of the reasons it's so common may be that it can mean so many things. (It's also extremely common among Czechs, although they spell it with a v instead of a w).

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