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Created by Administrator Account in 12/27/2009 12:18:27 PM


Any information [about Duszynski] welcome. Thank you...

In Polish Duszynski is spelled with an accent over the N, and is pronounced roughly "doo-SHIN-skee." As of 1990, according to the best data available (the Slownik nazwisk wspolczesnie w Polsce uzywanych, "Directory of Surnames in Current Use in Poland," which covers about 94% of the population of Poland), there were 6,436 Polish citizens by that name. They lived all over the country, with no significant concentration in any particular area..

Polish name expert Prof. Kazimierz Rymut mentions this name in his book Nazwiska Polakow [The Surnames of Poles]. He says that the name generally would refer to the name of a place with which the family was associated at some point centuries ago, a place with a name beginning Dusz-. He specifically mentions Duszno, in Trzemeszno district of Bydgoszcz province, in northwestern Poland. When he mentions a specific place, it's because research done by scholars has conclusively linked the name with that place; it does not rule out possible connections with other places with similar names.

So Duszyński would generally mean "one from Duszno," or possibly some other place with a similar name. Offhand, however, I could find no other place with a name that fits. So I suspect "one from Duszno" would turn out to be applicable in most cases. At one time the name may have been associated with a noble family that owned an estate at Duszno; but as the centuries passed it came to be used as well by peasants living in that area, or working for the original noble Duszyńskis. I have no sources that conclusively prove that's what happened; but it is what usually happened with surnames derived from place names.

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