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Created by Administrator Account in 10/17/2009 2:43:41 PM


... contact regarding my family name Nigbor. I have tried to do searches on the internet without results. Would you know if this name is listed in the Rymut Volumes? Possibly, do you have any other information that would help in my research? My grandfather, Blase, was born in Binarowa near Biecz in 1881,if that helps.

Nigbor is listed in the directory Rymut edited. As of 1990 there were 26 Polish citizens by this name, living in the following provinces:

NIGBOR, 126: Warsaw 1, Bielsko-Biala 16, Bydgoszcz 2, Elblag 1, Kalisz 1, Katowice 17, Krosno 12, Legnica 11, Leszno 3, Nowy Sacz 20, Rzeszow 1, Szczecin 5, Tarnow 20, Wroclaw 1.

This distribution suggests the name is most common in the southeastern (Tarnow and Krosno provinces) and in southcentral Poland (Bielsko-Biala, Nowy Sacz and Katowice provinces). Unfortunately the directory does not give further data, such as first names or addresses, so I can't help with any more info than I gave above. In theory you could write the Polish Genealogical Society of the Northeast, 8 Lyle Rd., New Britain CT 06053, and ask them to do a search, for a fee, of provincial phone directories, to see if any of the Nigbor's are listed. But it's a bit of a long-shot -- phones in homes are far less common in Poland than here, so there's no guarantee any will be listed. If you can limit the search to one province, that will help, but the way the directories are organized it will still be a difficult procedure. If you can give them a specific surname, town, and province, that would hold the cost of the search down to a reasonable level (I'm guessing maybe $10-20, but I can't be certain). Since the only Binarowa I can find near a Biecz is in Krosno province, that is presumably the area you want searched: Binarowa or Biecz, Krosno province. There are no guarantees, but I honestly can't think of any other way to go.

I'd hope one of my sources would suggest the meaning of this name, but none of my sources list it or a reasonable variation. In theory it could be a polonized form of German Nachbar, "neighbor," or a name from nie, "not" + gbur, "peasant." But those are just guesses, I don't have anything firm on the name.

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