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Our family names are Gorzalkowski, Borkowski and Korzenewski [Gorzalkowski and Borkowski are dealt with in separate notes]

Korzeniewski is pronounced roughly "ko-zhen-YEFF-skee." As of 1990 there were 5,638 Polish citizens by this name, as well as another 6,553 who bore the similar name Korzeniowski. These are essentially the same name, except in some areas they preferred the ending -ewski, in others -owski. Both names are common all over the country, but Korzeniewski is more common in the north, Korzeniowski in the south.

Names in the form X-ewski usually mean "one from X." In his book on Polish surnames Nazwiska Polaków [The Surnames of Poles] Kazimierz Rymut says Korzeniewski would mean "one from Korzeniew or Korzeniów," and again, there are quite a few places with names that fit. They come from the noun korzeń, "root," so that you could interpret the surname as "one from the place of roots." But basically, it just means "one from Korzeniew, Korzeniewo, Korzeniów, etc." Only research into the family history might establish which of those places that particular family came from.

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