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Levickis - Lewicki
Created by Administrator Account in 1/17/2010 10:50:17 AM


...My parents were Lithuanian. I have a suspicion that our surname Levickis is derived from Polish and may have originally been Lewicki or similar. Many years ago I was sent a coat of arms reproduction via Poland with that name. I wonder if you could assist me in any way what so ever, I would be very grateful.

Chances are very good the name was Lewicki at one point -- Lithuanian names ending in -auskas usually correspond to Polish -owski, -inskas corresponds to -inski, and -ickis corresponds to -icki. Sometimes Lithuanians dropped their original names (if they had one, at that point in time many Euopeans did not) and adopted Polish names that they liked or that seemed somehow appropriate. Also, numerous ethnic Poles lived and still live in Lithuania, and as time went on their Polish names were changed slightly to fit Lithuanian linguistic patterns. So there are several ways the names Levickis and Lewicki can be connected.

The problem is, Lewicki is such a common name -- as of 1990 there were 13,441 Poles by that name. The ultimate origin, in most cases, is the term lew, "lion," also much used as a first name Lew (= "Leo" or "Leon"). A place belonging to the kin of a prominent man named Lew might be called Lewice, for instance, and then people coming from that place would be called Lewicki ("one from Lewice"). In some cases, it can also be a Jewish name, connected to the Levites. So it's tough to draw any conclusions regarding the name without detailed info on the particular Lewicki or Levickis family in question. Only detailed research into the history of the specific family in question might uncover information that would shed light on how that name came to be associated with that particular family.

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