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Created by Administrator Account in 10/17/2009 2:50:44 PM


...Do you have any information concerning the surname Ogrodowicz? Can you suggest some references for trying to search our family tree?

The name Ogrodowicz comes from the root ogród, "garden." The suffix -owicz means "son of," so in this case the name probably started out meaning "son of a gardener." There are quite a few common surnames in Polish meaning the same basic thing, including Ogrodowczyk, Ogrodniczak, etc.

As of 1990 there were 592 Polish citizens named Ogrodowicz, living all over the country, with the largest numbers in the provinces of Bydgoszcz (53), Kalisz (66), Poznan (76), and Wroclaw (54). I see no particular pattern to the distribution, which is not surprising, because such a name could get started anywhere Polish was spoken and there were gardeners, i. e., all over Poland.

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