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...I saw your name under the genealogy forum...We are having trouble finding out about my husband's grandfather...His name was Jan Giejda... he came over from Poland in the late 1800's...As far as we know he came alone..and know nothing about the name or if he has family there...We have come to a dead end with this surname...any help would be appreciated.

Giejda is a pretty rare name in Poland -- as of 1990 there were only 31 Polish citizens with this name, living in the provinces of Warsaw (2), Ciechanow (5), Elblag (10), Lublin (14). (Unfortunately I have no access to further data such as names, addresses, etc.). The only root I can find that this name might have derived from is a dialect term giejda, meaning "mute, deaf and dumb." Of course I don't have enough data to say this is definitely where the name came from, but this seems a perfectly plausible origin for the name.

I realize this isn't a lot of help in finding Jan Giejda's relatives, but every little bit helps -- maybe this will do you some good. I hope so, and I wish you the best of luck with your research.

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