Krafczyk - Krawczyk
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...I was wondering if you had any information on the Polish surname Krafczyk. I believe the original spelling is Krawczyk. I have a birth certificate on my grandfather and the location listed is Ottynia. Any information would be helpful.

Unfortunately, the problem here is that the name's too common; there's little to learn that's helpful. The proper form of the name is Krawczyk, but that spelling Krafczyk is perfectly understandable, because in Polish pronunciation that w devoices to the sound of an f -- so it sounds like Krafczyk, and thus it's reasonable to spell it that way. As of 1990 there were 365 Polish citizens who spelled the name Krafczyk -- in the provinces of Czestochowa (70), Jelenia Gora (1), Katowice (247), Nowy Sacz (1), and Opole (46) -- as opposed to 58,246 who spelled it Krawczyk. (I'm afraid I have no further data on the 365 named Krafczyk, my source doesn't give any further details such as names, addresses, etc.; and I know of no way to get them, short of having someone search through the Polish telephone directory for the province in question, which is no sure thing).

The name comes from the root krawiec, "tailor," and the suffix -czyk means "son of," so the name means "tailor's son." That's why it's so common, it could start anywhere they spoke Polish and had tailors, i.e., all over the country.

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