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...If able, please research the name Ledochowski. I've been led to believe it's derived from a former estate in Volhynia.

This is more or less correct. There are two places in what is now Ukraine that seem the likely sources of this surname in most cases. One is Ledóchów, according to the Słownik geograficzny gazetteer "a village (formerly incorporated as a small town) in Krzemieniec county Krzemieniec is now called Kremenets, in Ternopil' district of Ukraine); not far from Radziwiłłów, in the direction of Pochajów [now Pochayiv]; the seat of the Halka-Ledóchowski's of Szatawa coat of arms. There is a Catholic chapel there, served by the parish church in Radziwiłłów."

The other candidate is Leduchówka: "a village on a small stream running into the Poltwa, Starokonstantynow county [Starokonstantynow is now Khmel'nitskiy in Ukraine], Teofilpol parish. Has a Catholic chapel. In 1753 Ostrogski gave Leduchówka to Sapieha as a gift."

The name Ledóchowski or Leduchowski could derive from either of these places. Obviously there was a noble family by this name with the Szatawa coat of arms, but I'm afraid I don't have any further info on them. It's worth noting that peasant families who were somehow associated with either of these places might also end up with this surname; all Ledochowski's are not necessarily noble.

As of 1990 there were 104 Poles named Ledóchowski and 236 named Leduchowski; the difference is minimal, ó and u are pronounced the same in Polish, so these are basically two different ways of spelling the same name. Here is the breakdown by province on where those folks lived in Poland (but remember, this is in modern Poland - this data tells us nothing about people by this name now living in Ukraine, and I know of no way to get such data).

Ledóchowski: 104; Warsaw 26, Bydgoszcz 4, Gdansk 31, Kalisz 4, Krakow 3, Legnica 1, Opole 7, Slupsk 5, Szczecin 9, Torun 10, Wroclaw 2

Leduchowski: 236; Warsaw 26, Biala Podlaska 6, Bielsko-Biala 3, Czestochowa 4, Elblag 5, Katowice 19, Kielce 5, Koszalin 9, Lodz 70, Olsztyn 18, Opole 5, Poznan 3, Przemysl 3, Radom 7, Siedlce 2, Skierniewice 38, Tarnobrzeg 6, Torun 2, Walbryzch 2, Wloclawek 2

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