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Created by Administrator Account in 2/7/2010 8:18:20 AM


...I would greatly appreciate any information on my last name, Kuznik. I also have some knowledge that some relatives spell it Kuzniki. I would also be interested on the meaning of Kuz and Nik.

In this case you can't break it down to Kuz- and -nik, the -n- is part of the root word and the -ik is the suffix. The root word is kuźnia, "smithy, forge," and a kuźnik was "one who worked at a smithy or forge, i. e., a blacksmith. This is a moderately common surname in Poland, as of 1990 there were 2,687 Polish citizens by this name. They lived all over the country -- not surprising, the name could get started anywhere they spoke Polis and had blacksmiths, namely, everywhere! The largest numbers lived in the provinces of Czestochowa (128), Kalisz (145), Katowice (894), Konin (101), Opole (162), Sieradz (426), and Wroclaw (130). Most of those provinces are in southcentral and southwestern Poland, but beyond that I don't see any really significant pattern to the distribution.

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