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Dziechciowski - Ratulowski
Created by Administrator Account in 2/7/2010 8:34:51 AM


...This name is a duzzy!!! It is my cousin's name and everyone, even Polish people, had a difficult time spelling it correctly. So all the children legally changed their name to "Jeff" which is the pronunciation of the first part of Dziechciowski. I doubt if you can come up with anything on this name--it is very rare!

As of 1990 there were 217 Polish citizens named Dziechciowski; here is the breakdown of where they lived by province:

DZIECHCIOWSKI: 217; Bielsko-Biala 10, Bydgoszcz 2, Gdansk 1, Katowice 2, Koszalin 4, Krakow 3, Nowy Sacz 105, Poznan 21, Rzeszow 1, Szczecin 14, Walbrzych 11, Zamosc 10.

The name almost certainly comes from the name of a village or tiny settlement named something like Dziechciowo or Dziegciowo, most likely somewhere in the province of Nowy Sacz. I can find no such place, but that may just mean it's too small to show up in the atlases and gazetteers, or its name has changed in the centuries since the surname started. Dziechciow- is a spelling variant of Dziegciow-, caused by very similar pronunciation; the ultimate root of the name is dziegieć, "birch tar," and there is an adjective dziegciowy meaning "of birch-tar." There were people who worked collecting such tar for making various products, and presumably Dziechciowo/Dziegciowo was a village where such activity was common.

...I see from your list that there is nothing on the name of Ratulowski. Do you have any clue where or how this name originated?

Here is the data on that name's distribution by province as of 1990:

Ratułowski: 101; Bielsko-Biala 4, Gdansk 13, Kalisz 1, Krakow 7, Krosno 4, Nowy Sacz 63, Wroclaw 8, Zielona Gora 1.

This name also comes from a place name, and since the largest numbers appear in the province of Nowy Sacz, that's where I looked. Almost certainly this name comes from Ratułów, Nowy Sacz province, 15 km. southwest of Nowy Targ, 7.5 km. southeast of Czarny Dunajec, served by the Catholic parish in the latter village. A gazetteer entry for Ratułów even mentioned that there was a Maciej Ratułowski who owned the property in 1660. The place was originally called Radultów, after a local official named Radult, then later the name was mangled or changed into Ratułów.

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