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Jękot - Jenkot
Created by Administrator Account in 2/7/2010 8:41:17 AM


...What does the surname 'Jekot' mean?

The name is spelled Jękot in Polish, where ę stands for the Polish nasal vowel written as an e with a tail under it and pronounced, roughly, like en, so that the name sounds like "yen-kot" -- you might sometimes see it spelled Jenkot, too. It comes from a term jękot, apparently not used a lot, which means "one who's constantly moaning and groaning." As of 1990 there were 515 Polish citizens with this name, living all over the country but with the largest numbers showing up in the provinces of Katowice (43), Krakow (62), and Tarnow (180). All these provinces are in far southern Poland, with Tarnow stretching into southeastern Poland, not too far from the Ukrainian border. So the chances seem fairly good most Jekot's originally came from the Tarnow region or a little west of there. Unfortunately the source for this data does not give first names or addresses, so what I've given above is all I have access to.

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