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Csehill - Tsehill
Created by Administrator Account in 2/7/2010 9:39:15 AM


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RE: Csehill

The Cs suggests Magyarization. Do you have how the name was/is written in Cyrillic? That would help in its interpretation because the name, in addition to being Magyarized, was also anglicized.

Lavrentij Krupnak


I read a little more about the Magyar language and have some information which may help decipher the meaning of the name Csehill. In 1910, when the Hungarian language orthography was modernized, the cs consonant combination was eliminated. It was replaced with ch and ts.

The ch is pronounced like "ch" in "CHeap" and ts is pronounced like "ts" in "iTS."

RE: Csehill. Perhaps this spelling is the version based on the pre-1910 Magyar orthography. Today, it maybe in Magyar written as Tsehill (here also preserving the anglicized form).

Ts is pronounced like the 27th letter of the Ukrainian alphabet. The Ukrainian word tsehla means "brick" or "tile." A tsehl'nik is a "brick-maker." Perhaps the surname Csehill is based on the Ukrainian word for "brick" or "tile."

Lavrentij Krupnak

Note: I can't think of anything to add -- I doubt I would ever have thought of this particular connection, but it strikes me as plausible.

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