Marchewka - Marchefka - Marhefka
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...Could you please e-mail me with a short message regaurding the city or region of origin for my last name, Marhefka? Possibly spelled Marchefka.

Unfortunately, the name Marchewka (the standard Polish spelling, of which the others you mentions are variants) is very common in Poland; as of 1990 there were 6,800 Polish citizens by this name, living all over the country. The largest numbers showed up in the provinces of Warsaw (422), Czestochowa (790), Katowice (501), Krakow (561), Radom (855), but the only pattern I see to the distribution is that Marchewka's are a bit more common in the southern part of the country. The name comes from the noun marchewka, which just means "little carrot," I believe often used as a kind of nickname for red-heads, so the name could arise anywhere Polish was spoken and there were people with red hair, i. e., anywhere in Poland.

So, like the majority of Polish surnames, this one doesn't offer any helpful clues on where the families bearing it originated. It's pretty clear many different, unrelated families from many different parts of the country ended up with this name.

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