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Dębowski - Dembowski - Krusiński - Kruszyński
Created by Administrator Account in 2/7/2010 11:54:02 AM


...I am researching the names Krushinski and Dembowski (Debowski) from one or all of theses areas - Poznan, Dulsk, Ripien. I am not able to find any information at all. Can you help me?

In Polish spelling the names you're interested in would be spelled Krusiński or Kruszyński and Dembowski or Dębowski. Both these names probably originated as references to the names of places with which the families were connected -- if noble, they owned them at one point, if peasants they worked and lived there or traveled there often.

Krusiński probably originated as meaning "person from Krusin" or something similar. There is at least two places by this name, Krusin in Czestochowa and Torun provinces. It might also be Kruszyński, which suggests an association with places named Kruszyn, Kruszyna, etc. There are at least 15 villages with names that could, and probably did, generate the surname Kruszyński. So without very detailed info on the family there is no way to say exactly which places are referred to. If you can find a Krusin or Kruszyn near your families ancestral villages, that is likely to be the right place. As of 1990 there were 5,573 Poles named Kruszyński and 862 named Krusiński, but the names are too common and too spread out to offer any useful clues.

The same is true of Dembowski/Dębowski (spelled either way). The root is the word dąb, "oak," and there are at least 20 villages named Dębow, Dębowo, etc., all meaning essentially "the place with the oaks," or else "place associated with a fellow named Dąb or Dęb" (probably as a nickname). As of 1990 there were 9,745 Poles named Dębowski and 2,475 named Dembowski.

So unfortunately with both these names there are too many places the name might refer to -- only detailed info on the family will let you make an educated guess which one your particular ancestors were associated with. This is true of most Polish surnames coming from place names -- it's a shame, but that's the way it is. However, it sounds to me as if you have some info that may help you focus on the right areas, so with some luck and persistence in your research you may uncover enough info to zero in on the right ones.

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