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Golaszewski - Stasiak
Created by Administrator Account in 2/7/2010 2:39:15 PM

... Found a name on your web site and I want to thank you for that information. Do you have anything on Golaszewski or Stasiak??

Stasiak comes from a nickname for "Stanislaw" -- Poles often take the first couple of sounds from a popular first name, chop off the rest, and start adding suffixes; so Staś is a popular nickname for Stanislaw, and when you add on the -ak you get Stasiak, probably meaning "Stan's son." Surnames meaning "son of" someone with a common name are themselves very common -- as of 1990 there were some 19,870 Poles named Stasiak, living all over the country. Which only makes sense: this name could get started anywhere Polish was spoken and guys named Stas' had sons, namely, everywhere in Poland!

Golaszewski is also a fairly common name, there were 4,302 Poles by this name as of 1990, scattered all over the country. The ultimate root of the name is gol-, "bare," but this surname probably originated as a reference to a place name, meaning basically "person from Golasza or Golasze or Golaszewo" -- any of those place names could generate the surname Golaszewski. As you might suspect, there are several different villages bearing those names, so we can't pin down which one is that one your relatives took their name from. If you have a little luck with your research, however, you may find something that lets you focus on a specific area in Poland. If you do, and you locate a village nearby with a name beginning with Golasz-, that's probably the one your ancestors came from.

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