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Domała - Domalik - Domamir - Domasław
Created by Administrator Account in 10/18/2009 7:45:12 AM


... Hi, I'm looking for the origin of the name Domalik. The only reference I have found was in Polish so I am wondering if it is a Polish surname. Do you have any records of it being a Polish surname? Thanks for any information you can give me. ...

Domalik definitely can be a Polish surname; I can't say for sure whether it might also be found among other ethnic groups, because many Slavic names are very similar and it might be this name also occurs among Czechs or Ukrainians or someone else. I tend to doubt it, however -- the formation and structure definitely seem Polish to me.

Most Polish surnames beginning with Dom- come from the ancient root dom, "house, home" (common also in other Slavic languages), either in its own right as a noun or as a root in ancient pagan compound names such as Domamir ("peaceful home") or Domasław ("famous house"); such names, which arose as a kind of prophecy or way of giving a child a name of good omen, often were shortened into nicknames by taking the first syllable, chopping off the rest, and adding suffixes. One such name, Domała , appears in Polish records as early as 1339, and Domalik looks as if it was formed by adding the diminutive suffix -ik to that name. So it's tough to say whether Domalik should be interpreted as meaning "little stay-at-home" or "son of stay-at-home," or as just "son of Domała," with that name meaning no more or less than nicknames such as "Ted" or "Fred" or "Jack" in English.

Domalik is not a particularly rare or common surname in modern Poland, it's kind of in between: as of 1990 there were some 343 Polish citizens by that name. Of those by far the most, 211, lived in the southcentral province of Nowy Sacz, southeast of Krakow. Several other provinces had a few Domalik's living in them, but only Jelenia Gora (10), Katowice (35), Krakow (16), and Slupsk (10) had 10 or more. Often Polish surnames don't have any particular distribution pattern, but this strongly suggests the origin of most families named Domalik was in southcentral Poland near Nowy Sacz.

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