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My research states it [Kruk] means "those who live at the sign of the raven." What does that mean? What is the sign of the Raven? where is it?

Who knows? All we can say about a name like Kruk (pronounced much like the English word "crook") is that it means literally "raven." It could refer to one who lived at the sign of the raven, which could be an inn or the name of a specific house -- in some towns and villages individual houses were given names, and Raven could be one of them. It could refer to one who had coarse dark hair that reminded people of a raven. It could refer to one who was full of gloom and doom, so that people considered "raven" a good nickname for him because ravens were associated with bad omens. It could refer to almost any association people might make between a person and a raven -- and people are very ingenious with nicknames.

Names like this started centuries ago, and there's no way to know exactly what they referred to. All you can do is find out what the name means literally and then make intelligent speculations on how such a name developed. If you're really lucky, genealogical research might eventually turn up a record that refers to a person's name and why he was called that. That happens very rarely, but you never know -- if you do good research, you just might get lucky.

As of 1990 there were 19,923 Polish citizens named Kruk, living all over the country. There was no significant concentration in any one area to the point you could say "Here is where Kruks came from." They could come from anywhere in Poland -- much like ravens!

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