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Bielat - Bielatowicz
Created by Administrator Account in 3/7/2010 1:13:57 PM


...The question: How common/uncommon is Bielatowicz? ( I assume it's root comes from "white"). Do you have any data on the surname? Is it isolated to this area of Tarnow? (Honestly I've been searching for this name as a present day surname with little luck anywhere)

Bielatowicz means "son of Bielat," and yes, that name is connected with the root meaning "white"; it may have referred to a person who had a pale complexion, or white or fair hair, something like that. There were 366 Poles with this name as of 1990. As for distribution, it isn't absolutely isolated in the Tarnow area, but that's definitely the most likely area to find it. Here are the figures, broken down by province: Białystok (5), Gdansk (8), Katowice (12), Koszalin (10), Krakow (38), Legnica (6), Lodz (3), Nowy Sacz (5), Poznan (1), Rzeszow (24), Tarnobrzeg (2), Tarnow (250), Torun (2).

I notice that the name Bielat itself is a little more widely spread; there were 667, with 207 of them in Tarnow province, 92 in Kielce province, and 78 in Tarnobrzeg province, and no other province having more than 50. This means we can't assume all Bielatowiczes originally came from Tarnow province, that's stretching the data a little farther than it will allow. But I think it is fair to say that most Bielatowiczes, and an awful lot of the Bielats, must surely have their roots in the southeastern part of Poland, with particular concentration in the Tarnow area.

I hope this is good news for you -- so often I have to tell folks, "Sorry, your name's common and there's no hint on any area you should concentrate on." At least with this name the data is pretty suggestive.

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