Dobilas - Dubilas
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... I say, could you possibly advise us on the frequency of the name Dubilas in Poland? We are doing research for some long-lost relatives in Argentina, whose grandmother was a Dubilas. Quite an unusual name, I believe, and it doesn't sound particularly Polish. Maybe Lithuanian?

As of 1990 there were 107 Polish citizens named Dubilas, living in the provinces of Lodz (87), Piotrkow (19), and Zielona Gora (1). In this case, too, there appears to be a strong connection with Lodz province --Piotrkow province is just south of Lodz province, so we are talking about a very small, specific area in the center of the country.

Dubilas is an interesting name, because dub and las both make sense as Polish words -- dub- is a root meaning "nonsense, idiocy," and in other Slavic languages means "oak" (in Polish "oak" is dąb), and las means "forest, woods." So you'd think Dubilas would mean "oak forest" -- and yet the expression doesn't seem to exist in Polish, I couldn't find anything on it! You might be right that the name sounds Lithuanian, there is a word in Lithuanian dobilas meaning "clover," also "sweetheart."

I don't have a lot of information about Lithuanian names, but you might write to Dave Zincavage. Dave is interested in Lithuanian names and has some books that may give some additional information about the name, whether it appears in Lithuania, how common it is, etc.

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