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Created by Administrator Account in 10/18/2009 7:57:58 AM


I have some additional info about last name Budrewicz, that I would like to share with you. You've mentioned the village near Suwalki called Budrowo, but I believe most of Budrewiczes come from area of what is now Belarus and Lithuania. My grandfathers last name was Budrewicz and he was born in 1917 in the small village called Budrewicze near Lida (now Belarus). It's very close to the border of Lithuania and not so far from Wilno. The village still exists and I was even able to trace it on one of the Internet maps.

I'm interested in the subject as I believe that the origins of the name Budrewicz come from Lipka Tatars, that were invited to settle and given the land and noble titles in Lithuania over several centuries (small piece from Wikipedia below).

The migration of some Tartars into the lands of Lithuania and Poland began during 14th century and lasted until the end of the 17th. (...) According to some estimates, by 1591 there were about 200,000 Lipka Tatars living in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and about 400 mosques serving them. According to the Risāle-yi Tatar-i Leh (an account of the Lipka Tatars written for Süleyman the Magnificent by an anonymous Polish Muslim during a stay in Istanbul in 1557-8 on his way to Mecca) there were 100 Lipka Tatar settlements with mosques in Poland. The largest communities existed in the cities of Lida, Navahradak and Iwye. There was a Lipka Tatar settlement in Minsk, today's capital of Belarus, known as Tatarskaya Slabada.

Monika Talarek



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