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Niziolek - Niziołek
Created by Administrator Account in 3/8/2010 3:39:52 PM


... Is the name Niziolek in your book or do you have any references to it -- family trees, immigrants about 1900, locations in Poland etc. If so let me know, I may be interested in your book.

It is mentioned, but no name is discussed in great detail -- there just wasn't room in the book, instead I concentrated on giving an extensive list of names, tell what basic root they come from, and say what kind of names they are. Then readers can go to the first half of the book and read the chapters that give more info on how names of that sort arose. So if you want anything detailed, I'm sorry, I just didn't have room for it. What I give is basically this: Niziołek (the ł is pronounced like our w) comes ultimately from the root niz- meaning "low, short." One Polish name expert links it with the term niziołek meaning "imp, sprite." It is a pretty common name, as of 1990 there were 3,429 Poles named Niziołek, and another 2,592 named Nizioł, which is the same root without the diminutive suffix -ek.

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