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... I have just begun a search of my family name. What info I have is very limited. I have researched only a handful of Budrewicz's in America and have had contact via the internet to a Budrewicz in Poland who explained that the name was not widespread to say the least there. I would appreciate any info that you could give me...

The suffix -ewicz means "son of," so the name means "son of Budry, Budre, Budrus" something like that. So the question is, what does that root budr- mean? Ancient records mention a first name Budrys or Budrus which comes from Lithuanian budrus, "alert, watchful"; also in Polish budrus is a term meaning "a Lithuanian." So the name means "son of Budrus" = "son of the alert one," or else "son of the Lithuanian." It is not at all unusual, by the way, to see "Polish" surnames that are connected in form or meaning with Lithuanian names or words, and vice versa.

All things being equal, you'd expect to find a name like this most often in northeastern Poland, near the border with Lithuania (in fact, there is a village Budrowo, from the same root, in Suwałki province, which is in that area). However, over the course of time people have scattered quite a bit; also after World War II millions of people were forced to relocate from the areas east of modern Poland to the western part of Poland, so we find Lithuanian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian names scattered all over Poland. As of 1990 there were 644 Polish citizens named Budrewicz, and they were literally all over the country. The provinces with the largest numbers (more than 30) were: Warsaw (40), Elblag (47), Gdansk (40), Jelenia Gora (34), Olsztyn (52), Slupsk (36), Suwałki (31), Szczecin (45), and Wroclaw (54). Most of those provinces are in northern Poland, but I see no really useful distribution pattern there; it's a shame we don't have data from before World War II, when things got mixed up so badly.

By the way, the Lithuanian form of this name would be Budrevicius or something similar. You might want to contact Dave Zincavage to ask if he has any sources that shed light on the name and whether it's found in Lithuania. He is quite interested in Lithuanian names and might be able to add something to what I've given.

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