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Chechliński - Hechliński
Created by Administrator Account in 3/8/2010 3:54:21 PM


...Hello, I am researching my father's family name Hechlinski (Chechlinski originally I think. I am having a lot of trouble finding out anything about this name...

Since Polish ch and h are pronounced exactly the same (kind of like "ch" in German "Bach"), either spelling is possible. But as of 1990 there were only 13 Poles who used the spelling Hechliński, living in the provinces of Bydgoszcz (8), Gdansk (3), and Katowice (2). On the other hand there were 109 Polish citizens named Chechliński, living in the follow provinces: Warsaw 16, Gdansk 4, Jelenia Gora 3, Katowice 9, Koszalin 3, Krakow 9, Lublin 41, Lodz 5, Nowy Sacz 2, Poznan 4, Rzeszow 2, Tarnobrzeg 6, Zamosc 5. These suggests a concentration in southeastern Poland (Lublin, Rzeszow, Tarnobrzeg, and Zamosc provinces) but shows that it is found elsewhere.

According to the Polish name expert Kazimierz Rymut, the ultimate origin of the surname is the verb chechłać, "to drench or to cut with a blunt instrument," but it also is connected with place names such as Chechły and Chechło -- those place names derive from the verbal root by way of the old word chechło, "damp meadow, damp area." There are quite a few villages by those names, so without very detailed info on your family I can't suggest which of them your particular ancestors were named for. But it probably suggested origin from a place with a name beginning Chechl-, and that place in turn got its name from the fact that it was situated on damp, marshy ground.

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