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...I have been trying to find information on my maternal grandmother. She was said to be polish. Is the surname Jamrozy Polish?...

Yes, Jamroży is Polish (ż is the dotted z, pronounced like "s" in "measure"). It is actually a polonized version of the first name "Ambrose," in Latin Ambrosius. In Polish the standard form of this name is Ambroży, but in medieval Polish records we also see it in the form Jamroży (pronounced "yahm-ROZH-ee"). It was back in that same time period it began to be used as a surname, also; and although it is seldom seen as a first name anymore (as I said, Ambroży is the standard form of the name these days), it has survived as a surname. In 1990 there were some 1,045 Polish citizens with the surname Jamroży (and 4,399 named Jamro'z, from another form!). There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to where they lived, so we can't say this name is more likely to come from one part of Poland than another -- but that's usually the case with surnames derived from first names.

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