Ampuła - Mydło
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...Could you please provide any available information on the following names: Ampuła and Mydło?...

As of 1990 there were 167 Polish citizens named Ampuła, with the largest numbers living in the provinces of Warsaw (25), Ciechanow (24), and Kalisz (60). It apparently comes from the noun ampuła, from Latin ampulla, a container used in church for wine or water at the Eucharist. In more modern Polish ampuła means the same thing as the English term "ampoule" or "ampule," a small glass vial. It's tough to say how a person would get this surname -- perhaps the family made or sold such items? Or I suppose it could be a nickname based on a person's shape. Without going back several hundred years to the time and place of the name's origin, it's a little tough saying exactly how it got started.

Mydło is a moderately common name, as of 1990 there were 472 Poles named Mydło. It comes from the noun mydło, "soap," perhaps indicating a person who made or sold soap, or maybe even a nickname for a very clean person. Poles by that name live all over the country, but there is a definite concentration in the provinces of Olsztyn (80) and Ostrołęka (192) in north-central and northeast Poland.

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