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Created by Administrator Account in 3/14/2010 8:17:49 AM


...I was wondering if you can help me to find out a little more about the origins of my last name: Drwięga. I'm from Poland and I know that most of my family came from city Sanok in eastern Poland...

I'm surprised to find that none of my sources mention Drwięga -- as of 1990 there were 669 Polish citizens by that name, so it is hardly a rare name, and I would have expected that somebody would have written about it. Your link to Sanok does make sense, in that of those 669 Drwięga's, 383 lived in the province of Krosno. The others are scattered in small numbers all over Poland, with no other province having more than 40.

That information may be a little help, but I'm afraid I just cannot find anything else. This is a case where I recommend writing to the Pracownia Antroponimiczna Instytutu Jezyka Polskiego in Krakow, especially since you can probably write them in Polish, and letters in Polish are easier and quicker for them to answer. They don't do genealogical research, they just do research into the origins of names; from what others tell me, it's rare to pay more than US$20 for their analysis, and I have heard from many who were very happy with their work.

I'm sorry I could not help you, and I hope the scholars at the Pracownia can. If you do write them and they provide a good answer, I would be very interested in hearing what they say, so that I could include this information in the next edition of my book -- and thus pass the information on to other people with Drwięga ancestors!

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