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Moryl - Różycki - Ruzicki
Created by Administrator Account in 3/14/2010 8:27:54 AM


...I am researching my genealogy and I came across your page on the Internet saying that you might be able to tell me about my surname. The names I have are Moryl and Ruzicki (I don't know if this is the right spelling). If you could tell me anything about their origins I would greatly appreciate that. I believe they were from the region of Galicia (do you know if Galicia the same as Selisia)?...

Galicia was the name given the area ruled by Austria from about 1775-1918; it covered southeastern Poland (from about Krakow east) and western Ukraine. "Selisia" is probably Silesia, the name of an industrial region in southwestern Poland and the western part of the Czech Republic -- it was called Schlesien by the Germans (who ruled it for a long time) and Śląsk or Szląsk by the Poles. So no, the two aren't the same -- both are in what is now southern Poland, but Silesia is west of Galicia.

Moryl could come from two different sources: there is a term morela, "apricot," and Morel was a sort of short form or nickname for the name Maurelius. So the name may have originated as a reference to the apricot (perhaps to someone who loved to eat them, or grew or sold them, or lived near a place where they were grown), but it might also mean nothing more than any other nickname -- just as "Ted," "Ed', "Jack" don't really mean anything in English, they're just short forms of first names. As of 1990 there were 480 Polish citizens named Moryl, scattered all over the country but with larger numbers in the provinces of Lublin (86) and Tarnow (138), both of which are in eastern and southeastern Poland; Tarnow province would have been in Galicia, I don't think Lublin province was, I think it was in the area ruled by the Russian Empire.

Ruzicki comes ultimately from the Polish form of the word for "rose," spelled as róża (sounding like our word "rouge" with a final -a tacked on). It's a tough name to get a handle on because there are potentially so many different ways this root can be spelled. Ruzicki probably originated in most cases as meaning "person or family associated with a place named Ruzyce or Ruzice or Rózyce" -- there are many, many places with names this could come from. Polish accented ó and Polish u are pronounced the same, so almost any place with a name beginning with Róz- or Ruz- could spawn this name. The form Ruzicki is rather rare (only 42 as of 1990), but Różycki was the name of 10,411 Poles as of 1990. So it's rather important to try to trace the family back as far as possible and see if you can determine the original spelling. If it really was Ruzicki, there aren't many of them left in Poland, they may be hard to track down but odds are decent they're related; but if Ruzicki is just an anglicized form of Różycki, there are thousands of them.

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